Slow Spotlight searches?

Are you having an issue with Spotlight searches taking an extremely long time for any results to appear?

Do you see anything similar in your console log?

Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: =================
Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: ERROR: SKIndexTermChars pref returned nil string - using default
Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: (/SourceCache/Preview/Preview-504.1/Sources/PVSearchKitUtils.m:161 PVCleanSKQuery)
Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: =================

If so, take a look in your ~/library/Application Support/Preview folder.

Piere Igot, of Betalogue, asked about this a few days ago… And was able to trace his issue down to this file.

My system is showing this file at about 3.4 Mb, whereas his corrupted and damaged file was around 90 Mb.  I am not seeing any issues, but this file can be safely deleted, and the next time Preview is started, it will recreate / regenerate this file.

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