MDWorker on strike? Not talking to lsBoxd?

Have you started to notice these error messages in your console log?

  • mdworker[299]: Unable to talk to lsboxd
  • sandboxd[296] ([299]): mdworker(299) deny mach-lookup
  • kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(314) deny mach-lookup

Then your not alone…

In most cases, this appears to have started with Mountain Lion 10.8.2….

Some symptoms that have been reported are:

  • Spotlight randomly starting to reindex drives
  • High CPU activity spikes
  • Sleep issues, with computers not always waking from sleep…

At this point, performing a Safe Boot (booting in Safe Mode), seems to help eliminate or at least reduce the number of times this occurs.  One user reported that they went from thousands of console entries to 2 per day….  Your mileage will vary though…