Trying to weed out all the April 1st jokes…

While there are some excellent April 1st jokes on the internet today…. For example: The Playmobile Apple Store from ThinkGeek Gmail’s new Body motion controlled interface But it is getting exceeding harder sometimes to pick truth from fiction. ¬†After all, do I have to mention GMAIL to anyone? ¬†What am I suppose to think of […]

Torchwood: The New World broadcast dates announced.

The BBC’s official Torchwood channel on Facebook and Twitter has confirmed that Torchwood: The New World will broadcast in both the United Kingdom and United States on 1st July 2011. The UK broadcast time has been listed as 9:00pm on BBC1/BBC1HD.

Dirk Gently? Who’s that?

Who’s this Dirk Gently?  A Holistic Detective Agency?  Is that anything like a consulting detective? Well of course not….  But, the BBC has just announced that they are making Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency for the TV!  Douglas Adam’s fans rejoice!  Now, I suspect it won’t be an adaption of the Book Series, but we […]