MDWorker on strike? Not talking to lsBoxd?

Have you started to notice these error messages in your console log? mdworker[299]: Unable to talk to lsboxd sandboxd[296] ([299]): mdworker(299) deny mach-lookup kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(314) deny mach-lookup Then your not alone… In most cases, this appears to have started with Mountain Lion 10.8.2…. Some symptoms that have been reported are: Spotlight randomly […]

Cravendale – Catnapped

Here’s the sequel to the Original Cravendale “Cat with Thumbs” video…. [youtube]  

iPhone, and iPad Benchmarks…

These benchmarks from LinPack, iBench, GeekBench, PerfScore, and the SunSpider Javascript Test. Geek Bench GeekBench is available from the App store… Higher is better!   LinPack LinPack is available from the App Store. Higher is better!   iBench iBench is available from the App store. Higher is better!   SunSpider Javascript Benchmark SunSpider is from the Webkit website, […]

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta: Cloud computing is great…but what if it rains?

The Horror!! Indian government official Vishwa Bandhu Gupta deserves a Master Class Troll Lifetime Achievement Award for his performance in this five minute video and complete bamboozling of a poor reporter. Before we ridicule the reporter for buying Gupta’s spiel, keep in mind that 51% of Americans think cloud computing actually has something to do […]

Matt Smith, Continues as The Doctor until at least 2014?

The Sun, claims that Steven Moffat has convinced Matt Smith to continue as The Doctor until at least 2014…. I hope this is accurate, because Matt is fantastic as The Doctor! Currently filming is progressing on the 2012 Christmas special, but they will be starting to film the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration specials later […]

Impossible Dreams

Film buff Daniel’s life turns cinematic when he discovers an otherworldly video store offering the best movies never made and meets the girl behind the counter.

Blind Spot

Steven couldn’t see how his day could get any worse… That’s because he’s looking the wrong way.