Find My iPhone for Indigo v4

Find My iPhone for Indigo

Find My iPhone, will ping the MobileMe service, for your location….And then display the information as a web page from your Indigo Web server…


  1. Download the ZIP file, and unarchive it.
  2. Copy the “Findmyiphone” folder to /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/plugins
  3. restart the Indigo Server, to allow the plugin to be loaded
  4. To Configure the Indigo Server for use of the Plugin, The following Variables need to be made:
    1. MobileMe_UserName – Your MobileMe Username
    2. MobileMe_Password  – Your MobileMe Password
    3. FindMyiPhone_Lat    – The Latitude of your “target”
    4. FindMyiPhone_Long – The Longitude of your “target”
  5. Open your Indigo Web Interface, and run the plugin.

Uninstall Instructions

To Uninstall, just remove the Hvac folder from the Plugins folder, and restart the Indigo Server.


None Currently

How to Use It

Simple, Open your Web Browser, and browse to the Indigo Web server.  From the root of the web server add /findmyiphone.

For Example:


The Plugin will then attempt to login to MobileMe, find your iPhone via the Find Your iPhone Service, and then compare your iPhone’s Lat & Long to the Latitude & Longitude in Indigo.  It will then do some calculations, and give an estimate of the straight line (as the bird flies) distance between your target & current location.

This site,, contains information and links on finding your latitude and longitude, by street address, city, etc…  Just plug the values in, and the script will take over from there…