Late Night TV? Craig Ferguson w/Mythbusters

I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten older…  But Late night TV use to be funny.  Now this is amusing, simply due to the insanity. Craig Ferguson, 2 puppets (a bunny & a crocodile), a “shirtless guy”, Geoff Petersen, Adam Savage, and Jamie Hyneman all singing “I Melt with You”.  Mostly safe for […]

New Mythbusters, starting soon?

Well, sorta… Hey kids, new mythbusters episodes start airing in 28 days! October 6th! “Hair of the Dog”– Bloodhounds chasing JAMIE! Adam just tweeted, and stated October 6th it’s returning… Does sound a little familiar though.  They’ve already done bloodhounds…

‘Mythbusters’ Returns With All-New Episodes!!!

The Emmy® nominated series Mythbusters begins a run of eleven all-new episodes starting Wednesday, March 24th at 9:00 PM on Discovery. One of the highlights of this new run will be the return of Kari Byron on the March 31st episode. Named Sexiest Geek in Wired Magazine and included as one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest […]

Fact or fiction? 8 HDTV claims demystified

If you’re buying your first HDTV or an upgrade from a starter set, your new television may deliver a better picture than the one you’re used to. But picking the right HDTV can be confusing, especially when your favorite blue-shirted salesperson may be steering you in a certain direction in hopes of a bigger commission. […]

Mythbusters takes on Star Trek Gorn cannon (video)

The Mythbusters guys will take up the question: Can you really build a cannon out of bamboo, sulfur, charcoal and diamonds if you need to blast a Gorn like Capt. Kirk on Star Trek? Check out the hilarious preview below. The episode, which takes Monday, Dec 28 at 9pm…