Indigo v5.03 is out & the Indigo SDK official release is out.

Indigo v5.0.3 is now available for download. Congrats to Perceptive Automation on the milestone… And, the Indigo SDK has officially been released.  While it’s been available on the Wiki, this is a milestone, since they have officially announced it’s availability. The Indigo Plugin SDK is now available for downloading. At this point, because all of the developer […]

Insteon Health Test Tool Updated application now available

According to the author, there is now an new updated Insteon Health Test Tool for Indigo v5… iHealth UPDATE I have just submitted v1.2 of the iHealth tool to the Contributions LIbrary and it should be available later this week. I have also placed a temporary copy on dropbox. This version fixes two recent problems […]

New Indigo Plugin Catalog & Plugin Update System (Updated 9/7/2011)

Indigo v5 has introduced a new Plugin system, to extend the hardware and functionality of the Indigo server.  This is a terrific step forward, but there’s another issue lurking in the background…. I won’t count the number of times where someone has reported a problem with an Attachment script, or plugin, and it has already […]

Pioneer VSX-1021-K AV Receiver Integration

Nsheldon, over on the Perceptive Automation Forums, has documented how to connect the Pioneer CSV-1021K AV Receiver into your Home Automation.  The workflow he documents involves Indigo Pro, but in theory other software can implement this technique. Any Elite Series receiver can be integrated in this manner… Pioneer VSX-1021-K AV Receiver Integration Part of my […]

Indigo Weather Conditions Plugin Preview is available…

What is Indigo Weather Conditions? Quite Simply, it’s a built-in Weather  tool for Indigo.  While it is similar to the NOAA script, it doesn’t simply populate the variables in Indigo.  It is designed for Indigo v5, and it does so much more… First, it has an honest to goodness, User Interface.  Second, it will also […]

Changing the Default On level for Insteon devices

Certain Insteon lamp modules, allow you to set the Default “On” level.  This way, when you turn on the device, it turns on to the brightness (eg 50%) that you have set. The most obvious benefit, is that you could set a task at 10 pm, to set the Bathroom & bedroom lights to turn […]

Indigo 4.1.15 Released

Indigo v4.1.15 is now available for download.In addition to the major 4.0 improvements and 4.1 features, this update includes: Improved filtering of duplicate messages from the RemoteLinc. Improved Prism Reflector tunnel startup time.

Indigo 4.1.14 is released!

Indigo 4.1.14 is now available for download from Perceptive Automation. In addition to the major 4.0 improvements and 4.1 features, this update includes: Added support for RF INSTEON Portable USB Adapter (PLM 2448A7). Added support for the INSTEON SynchroLinc. Added support for the INSTEON dual-band SwitchLinc. Added work around for mobile Safari bug that causes some Indigo access […]