Indigo Remote Device Listings

What is Indigo Remote Device Listings?

Here’s a relatively quick application to list all your devices via the Web Plugin system of Indigo…

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of the Indigo Remote Device Listing

The application will display:

  • Device Name
  • Description
  • X10 or Insteon Address
  • The Device Type
  • The Device’s Firmware level
  • Status
  • Last Modified Date

For example:

Picture 3.png

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1) Download the ZIP file, and unarchive it.

2) Rename the Folder to “DeviceList” and place it in the following location.

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/Plugins

3) Restart the Indigo 4 Server

Uninstall Instructions

To Uninstall:

  1. Remove the DeviceList folder from the Plugins folder
  2. Restart the Indigo Server.


To customize the display, please modify the CSS file.  And feel free to suggest additional customization, or modification to Benjamin….

Version History

Version 1.25

  • Added support for the external CSS file for customization purposes.

Version 1.00

  • Initial Release
  • Added better error checking, and resolved some issues with Single Digit Firmware values