Indigo Security Script v3

The Indigo Security Script is a AppleScript applet for Indigo that is run anytime a Security Event has been received by Indigo.

The typical Security device is a DS10A X10 based magnetic reed sensor switch.  The sensor itself is very versatile, and can be used for a variety of tasks, including detecting:

  • Open Doors, and Windows
  • With Small modification detecting Deadbolt positions

The script itself when a event occurs, can do the following:

  • Sound a Chime  (Every time, or only on open events) on a device-by-device basis
  • Send a Growl Notification on a device-by-device basis
  • Play a Sound File on a device-by-device basis
  • Monitor for inactivate security sensors (eg. Low Battery Warning, Broken Sensor Warning)
  • Ignore the event on a device by device basis
  • Use Mac Text-to-Speech to speak the alarm
  • (Optional) Indigo Security Status Web Plugin (See below)

Security Script Version 3

The New version of the security script has been rewritten, and simplified in some ways…  But the installation (currently) requires a bit more than just installing the security script.

There are now two scripts.  Security Script v3, and Indigo Timers.  The Indigo Timers script is copy of the script from the Indigo Forums (originally written by Mac Pro, please see for all the details on it’s features).  The main benefit is that this allows us to seperate the timer code from the security script, and allows the Home Automator use the timer code for other projects.

To Install:

  1. Download the Security Script
  2. Copy the Indigo Timer script to /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/Scripts/Background Tasks
  3. Now we need to start the script, everytime the Indigo Server Starts.  So define a new trigger “Indigo Server Startup” with a type “Indigo Server Startup”. No condition needed.  The action is to execute Applescript in a file. Select the Timer script in the Background Tasks folder. To start the script, you can restart the Indigo server or just execute the trigger.
  4. Copy the Security Script v3 into /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/Scripts/Attachments
  5. Please ensure that the old copy of the security script is moved out of the attachment script, but do not delete it.  You may want to revert at some point (or use it for testing purposes).
  6. At this point just update the Security script’s Alarm matrix.  See the security script for more details.

Versions for Download

Version History of Security Script

  • 3.00 – Fixed the path in the install instructions for the background & attachment scripts…  (Cut ‘n paste error)
  • 3.01 – Fixed an Applescript issue that could crash the script if a unrecognized sensor was detected.
  • 3.02 – Fixed an Growl issue that could crash the script