Hvac Historical Usage for Indigo 4 (Professional)

How to track the usage of your furnace, via your Venstar (Insteon) enabled thermostat.

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Please note, this plugin relies on the hvac data being stored in the SQLite3 database.  This is an Indigo Professional feature, “Log Device State history to SQLite or PostgreSQL”, please make sure that this is Enabled, if you wish to use this plugin.

Here’s a new little treat…

This plugin will graph the Actual thermostat temperature reading, vs AC & Heating set points.  This has been tested against a venstar t1800, but in theory any thermostat that Indigo supports would work…  (But is there any others that Indigo supports?).

In addition, below each graph is a table that has the raw data.  By default, it is hidden, but clicking on the hyperlink will show it.

This does support multiple thermostats…..


1) Download the ZIP file, and unarchive it.

2) Move the “hvac” folder and place it in the following location.

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/Plugins

3) Restart the Indigo 4 Server

4) Create a variable named “hvac_scale”, and set it to be either F or C.  F is Farenheit, C would be for Celsius.  If this is not set, it will default to Celsius.

To Uninstall, just remove the Hvac folder from the Plugins folder, and restart the Indigo Server.


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How to Use It

How do you use the Hvac Historical Usage plugin?

Simple, Open your Web Browser, and browse to the Indigo Web server.  From the root of the web server add /hvac.

For Example:


Suggestions for improvements

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Version History

1.1        11/22/2010

  • Added Celsius & Farenheit support.

1.0        4/8/2010

  • Initial version