Solar cells get two electrons for the price of one, efficiency bonus

It may still be a lab experiment, but still, this could led to eventual mainstream adoption of solar power… Photoelectric current as function of photon energy was measured on single crystal TiO2 coated with a monolayer of PbS nanoparticles. The experiments conclusively showed that multiple electrons were generated and extracted from the nanoparticles for each […]

Space Paranoids

Space Paranoids is the game Kevin Flynn made in the movie Tron. And for quite some time now, the viral marketing has been teasing the game out here and there. Up to now, it’s only been playable at the Flynn’s Arcade event held at San Diego Comic-Con last year. But yesterday, the good people at the […]

Tron Legacy

Well, the trailer looks interesting…. Not much details on the plot line, but boy do the effects look fantastic…

Be there in a jiffy

I never knew this, but “Jiffy” is not just slang… Jiffy is used in different applications for various short, very short, or extremely short periods of time. In informal speech a “jiffy” means any unspecified short period of time, as in “I’ll be back in a jiffy”, but in other contexts it has more precise […]

What’s next, fear of fire?

Mankind makes tools, that is what helps to seperate us from the animals, and other beasts of burden…  Or at least that is what we tell ourselves… But, has it become that we are so used to new inventions and devices that we are afraid of making our own?  Or that someone that is an […]