Automatic Login for Windows XP & Mac OS X

This feature allows other users to start your computer and use the account that you establish to automatically log on. Enabling auto logon makes your computer more convenient to use, but can pose a security risk since anyone can just turn the machine on and access your files. Mac OS X This may vary slightly depending […]

First Google TV Teardown reveals 2008 netbook inside…

iFixit has torn apart a Google TV Revue, and discovered a few things…  I’ll summarize, but please go to First Google TV Teardown for the full details… 1.2 Ghz ATOM processor 1 GB DDR3 RAM 5 Gb of NAND (Flash) memory for storage So not a remarkable machine for $400-500, plus accessories….

Not so shocking: TV networks block Google TV

Surprise, Suprise, Suprise… Evidently ABC, NBC and CBS appear to be blocking Google TV from accessing the TV shows on their own sites…. And Ars Technica looks at the background of this… Not so shocking: TV networks block Google TV.

Finder reporting -10004? What’s that?

Snow Leopard introduced significant changes in user permissions. That error is: -10004 A privilege violation occurred. Now in layman’s terms, what does that mean? It simply means that whatever user is attempting to write to the directory doesn’t have permission to do so.  In otherwords, let’s say that the computer has two users: Parents Account […]

How many access points are recommended (for Insteon)?

Well, this is a tricky question, since there is no one answer that is correct. First, use the Insteon Health Tool, run it a few times, and get a decent average to see what s working and what is not. Second, pull out your existing SignalLinc, and AccessLincs, and try the health tool again. Next, […]

Indigo Server authentication

I am working on an python wrapper around the Indigo Restful interface, and discovered that the Indigo Server requires remote logins to be with a Digest based password.  Is this good?  Yes, indeed it is.  Digest authentication is designed to be the significantly more secure and when your talking about the security of your home […]