Google pulls app that revealed Android flaw, issues fix

Google pulled an app from the Android marketplace that was created to illustrate a flaw in the mobile framework that allowed apps to be installed without a user’s knowledge. It then issued a fix for bug. Jon Oberheide, chief technology officer of Scio Security, created a proof-of-concept app disguised as an expansion for the popular […]

Google sues feds over Microsoft-centric bidding requirement

So the government, is asking for bids, from multiple vendors for a product that can only be created by one vendor.  So if anyone else wants to win the bid, they have to purchase services / product from Microsoft.  Yes indeed.  This is your money at work, within the government.  Especially since there are tons […]

First Google TV Teardown reveals 2008 netbook inside…

iFixit has torn apart a Google TV Revue, and discovered a few things…  I’ll summarize, but please go to First Google TV Teardown for the full details… 1.2 Ghz ATOM processor 1 GB DDR3 RAM 5 Gb of NAND (Flash) memory for storage So not a remarkable machine for $400-500, plus accessories….

Not so shocking: TV networks block Google TV

Surprise, Suprise, Suprise… Evidently ABC, NBC and CBS appear to be blocking Google TV from accessing the TV shows on their own sites…. And Ars Technica looks at the background of this… Not so shocking: TV networks block Google TV.

Sorry about that “Follow RSS” floater…

Folks, My apologies, I didn’t realize that the RSS Floater had been turned on in the Share and Follow plugin.  I just turned it off, I find those gimmicks to be way too annoying…  (This from someone that tries to follow several hundred RSS feeds, thanks Google Reader!).

What missing from Internet TV?

Internet TV is threatening to turn cable TV’s subscription model on its head with on demand programming and rentals, but there is a key component that’s missing: content discovery. There is still no better way to find out what’s on than to flip through channels. Apple TV, the Boxee Box, Google TV, Hulu, Roku, and […]