Allow the Mac DVD Player to skip the commercials…

Why won’t the DVD player in OS X allow me to skip certain content or change audio/subtitle tracks on certain DVDs? you ask. Well, the first answer is UOPs, or user operation prohibitions, and the second answer is probably some sort of licensing blah-blah-blah that prohibits Apple from ignoring UOPs in their software. But the real answer […]

Keanu Reeves Discusses Live-Action Cowboy Bebop

Actor Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Animatrix, Johnny Mnemonic) discussed the current status of the proposed live-action Cowboy Bebop film project with the Collider movie news website in a Monday interview. Reeves premiered his new film Henry’s Crime at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday. When Collider asked for an update on the Cowboy Bebop […]

Rochester International Airport Hydrogen Fire & Explosion

There was a hydrogen fire and explosion at a renewable fuel station used by government vehicles near Rochester’s airport. The nearby freeway and airport was closed resulting in diverted flights. This may the first major incident at a hydrogen vehicle refueling station. GM has their major fuel cell development center nearby, in the town of […]

Python Indigo Restful API – Update

I have updated the SVN server, and now have a example command line application in there (, it duplicates the device report plugin, reporting to screen or CSV file the devices that are in your Indigo Database. Screen Example: Device Name: Kitchen Task Lighting IconDescription: None (N/A)Address: 07.A0.B7Device Type: ICON ApplianceFirmware: 2.8Status: offLast Updated: 2010-08-15Device […]

Google: Fake antivirus is 15 percent of all malwareKn

According to a Google study, 15% of all malware consists of fake anti-virus (or Rogue Antivirus) software.  What does that mean to the average user, probably nothing, but are you sure that Antivirus warning you just received is really from your antivirus software? Practically, this means that you need to be more aware of your […]

ClockWords, Act 1

Description: Clockwords is back! Act 1 continues the story, following the adventures of the inventor and his machine. Clockwords is a word game like no other. Mix of a word game with speed, strategy, and steam-powered bugs! Use your vocabulary to defend your laboratory. Instructions: Use the keyboard to enter words to destroy the invading […]