Gamer Girl, Country Boy

Starring: Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller Featuring: Grant Imahara (In a drive by cameo) Guitarist 1 – Brett Boyett Guitarist 2 – Willie Von Arx Keyboards – Jacob Weinstein Lap Steel Guitar – Adam Hall Bass Guitar – Zack Hall Drums – David Diaz Song written by: Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller

Poor Defenseless iMac. Those iFixit folks did it again…

Can you believe it?  The cruel inhumanity of it all, the poor defenseless creature, brutally torn apart and cataloged… The 21.5″ iMac (EMC 2428) scored a very respectable 7 out of 10 Repairability Score. Most of the disassembly is pretty straightforward and accomplished using a T10 Torx screwdriver and suction cups. A casual user can […]

The wrong way to start a developer’s program….

You win. I concede defeat. I no longer want to attempt developing an app for the Playbook. Are you happy now? Surely you must be. Considering how terribly designed the entire process is, from the registration right through to loading an app into the simulator, I can only assume that you are trying to drive […]

Driving & texting bans not effective… Of course, not…

Texting bans for drivers not putting a dent in accident rates from Ars Technica: Study after study shows that distracted drivers are far more likely to get into accidents, which has led a number of states to craft laws intended to limit one of the most significant distractions: the cell phone. Initial efforts focused on […]

How to tell what version of Mac OS X you have?

The system version is on the Installer disc, at: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist You can get the specific information with this command: defaults read /path/to/mount/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion ProductBuildVersion While the above describes how to do it on media, you can also test your local hard drive.  See below: [nerv:/system/library/CoreServices] benjamin% defaults read /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion { ProductBuildVersion = 10F569; ProductCopyright = “1983-2010 […]

Backup? Why I want to forward…

Someone stole John Boldt’s laptop out of the trunk of his car. Nothing really newsworthy about that. But according to a CTV Calgary article, that laptop contained the University of Calgary grad student’s nearly-completed master’s thesis, as well as his research and notes. “It’s so many years of my life just thrown away,” Boldt told CTV. “The computer can be replaced. It’s […]