Job Seekers Getting Asked For Facebook Passwords

What would you think of an interviewer if they asked for your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account passwords? Sounds far fetched doesn’t it?  It isn’t though. Since the rise of social networking, it has become common for managers to review publically available Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and other sites to learn more about job candidates. […]

Wil Shipley’s review of “Fallout: New Vegas”

Wil Shipley, has an interesting review of Fallout 3: New Vegas… Now, I am only about half way through Fallout 3 New Vegas…  So I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the review… I certainly agree that the questing system is aggravating…  But it’ll be real interesting to see if the end game is as […]

Engadget reviews the Dell XPS 15z

For about $200 less, you can get a fast machine, but with a cheap case and little battery life. We’d mentioned that Dell’s previous attempts at premium systems failed price, power and battery life tests. With the XPS 15z, well… two out of three ain’t bad. Despite the fact that the NVIDIA Optimus GPU turns […]

A look back at Chernobyl disaster, in lieu of Japan’s disaster..

We all know that Japan is in the middle of recovering from a disaster…  And has more issues that they are still dealing with, mainly the Nuclear Power plant issues… But, what do we know about Nuclear Reactors?  And what about the last great nuclear disaster?  The Chernobyl disaster? (The Chernobyl link is a great review […]

Worst gadget ever? Ars reviews a $99 Android tablet

It really says something when some of your customers ask the Internet whether they got the right thing when they received your product, or whether it got switched out with some joke Chinese knockoff that’s not really supposed to work. The Maylong M-150 TabletPC is an Android-based device sold by Walgreens for a mere $99 […]

Where Things Stand on DC Adventures and Heroes & Villains Vol. I

An update from Green Ronin, regarding Where Things Stand on DC Adventures and Heroes & Villains Vol. I. In summary: The Errata on DC Adventures is compiled, and currently under review. Heroes & Villains Volume 1 has been reviewed by DC, and is heading (soon) into production. See the fully details above.

Walt Mossberg’s review of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

On balance, however, I still prefer the iPad. For one thing, I like getting twice the screen size for a little more money up front—as little as $29 for the no-contract model with cellular capability. For another, the iPad has vastly more apps specifically designed for a tablet versus a smartphone—about 40,000 according to Apple, […]

Slow Spotlight searches?

Are you having an issue with Spotlight searches taking an extremely long time for any results to appear? Do you see anything similar in your console log? Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: ================= Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: ERROR: SKIndexTermChars pref returned nil string – using default Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: (/SourceCache/Preview/Preview-504.1/Sources/PVSearchKitUtils.m:161 PVCleanSKQuery) Nov […]