What missing from Internet TV?

Internet TV is threatening to turn cable TV’s subscription model on its head with on demand programming and rentals, but there is a key component that’s missing: content discovery. There is still no better way to find out what’s on than to flip through channels. Apple TV, the Boxee Box, Google TV, Hulu, Roku, and […]

Replace batteries with USB power

Replace batteries with USB power – Hack a Day. Tired of using batteries?  One user replaced dual AA batteries with USB power, through a very simple hack. Take a look, just keep in mind, this may not be safe for all devices.

Interface to an Alarm (Ademco, Vista, First Alert, etc)

Interfacing Indigo with an Alarm system (Ademco, Vista, First Alert, etc)…. Instead of hardware hacking, this thread discusses was to use off the shelf hardware with your Home Automation & Security System. Perceptive Automation – View topic – Interface to an Alarm (Ademco, Vista, First Alert, etc).

Schneier on Security: The Doghouse: Lock My PC

Let’s get this clear, Backdoors in security applications are bad. Really bad… So bad, I won’t even discuss it… So, when Schneier on Security, mentions that Lock My PC, has a “Master Password”. I took a look, and you know what I found… We’re safe, it’s a “Engineering password”. Sinceit’s not called a backdoor we’re […]

What’s next, fear of fire?

Mankind makes tools, that is what helps to seperate us from the animals, and other beasts of burden…  Or at least that is what we tell ourselves… But, has it become that we are so used to new inventions and devices that we are afraid of making our own?  Or that someone that is an […]

Why should I shoot my Stack? Isn’t that bad?

Just remember, if you find something on your system, and you don’t know what it is….  Don’t immediately panic, try to understand the situation first. I just read a startling account, of someone thinking that StackShot, was direct evidence of their Macintosh OS X system being rooted by some evil HACKER. Stackshot is a built-in […]

The sci-fi passwords Twitter doesn’t want you to use

What does Twitter have against Star Wars? We’re not quite sure. But a list maintained by the social networking site of passwords you’re not allowed to use features that movie title plus many other familiar sci-fi words and phrases. The taboo terms include: batman gandalf matrix ncc1701 startrek starwars superman thx1138 In addition to the banned […]