What missing from Internet TV?

Internet TV is threatening to turn cable TV’s subscription model on its head with on demand programming and rentals, but there is a key component that’s missing: content discovery. There is still no better way to find out what’s on than to flip through channels. Apple TV, the Boxee Box, Google TV, Hulu, Roku, and […]

The US Lags behind in Broadband speed….

The US is really behind here….   Pay no attention to the advertising copy, but for $44 or $48 dollars per month, you can get 100 Mbps….  Or 100 Mbps for $33 dollars….  Why do I have to pay $147 for the same thing?  Because I live in the US.  Take a look… Now call […]

Venstar T1800, a Review…

For years, I have considered purchasing a new thermostat, so that I could integrate it into the Home Automation, and control it, easily..  So I have kept my eye on a few different solutions, but just recently, we needed some furnace work, and I was able to justify purchasing a new Venstar T1800, when I […]

Does HDMI cable “quality” actually affect transmission?

I guess I could call this, are Monster Cables better than these other cables question: I really don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for a “name brand” HDMI cable if it doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m just curious: now that most transmission is digital (packetized) is there such a thing as a […]

Disable AirPort when Ethernet cable is connected

From MacOSXHints… At my office, I needed to find a way to turn of the wireless network when someone plugged in their network cable. I also did not want them to be able to turn the wireless network back on until the network cable was unplugged. I came up with the fallowing solution. I created […]