Find my iDevice (for Indigo v5+)

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Find My iDevices Plugin

What is Find my iDevices

Find My iDevices, is an Indigo plugin that will use information from Find My iPhone to locate your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch via WiFi, iPad, etc).


  • Find My iDevice requires an active Internet connection for the Google Map Data, and Find My iPhone location data.
  • If you wish to use the map display, then the Indigo Web Service needs to be on.


  1. Open the “Add to Plugin Directory” folder, and double-click on the “Find-my-idevice.indigoPlugin“.  Indigo will display a message asking if you wish to install the plugin (or upgrade the plugin).
    • If this message does not appear, be make sure that you are running the latest version of Indigo v5 or higher.
    • Alternatively, you can manually place the “Find-my-idevice.indigoPlugin”  into  /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 5/Plugins
  2. Open the “Add to IWS Plugin Directory” folder, and copy the “find-my-idevice” folder, and place it into:    /Plugins/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 5/IndigoWebServer/Plugins
  3. Restart the Indigo 5 Server
  4. After the Indigo server restarts, it will immediately open a dialog window, asking you to the set the default settings for the find-my-iDevice plugin.
    1. Place the Longitude & Latitude that you want the map to center on.  One site you can use to generate the Longitude and Latitude is
  5. Create an Apple ID Login devices for every Apple ID that you wish to use with Find my iPhone
  6. Create iDevice records for every iDevice that you wish to find.  Please keep in mind that this is an opt-in tracking solution.


Steps to Create an Apple ID Login device

  • Click New Device
  • Change the Type to Plugin
  • Change the plugin to  “Find My IDevices”
  • Change Model to  “Apple ID Login information (For MobileMe & iCloud)”
  • Fill in your Apple ID username and password



Steps to Create an iDevice Record

  • Create an iDevice Record
  • Click New Device
  • Change the Type to Plugin
  • Change the plugin to  “Find My IDevices”
  • Change Model to  “iDevice Registration”
  • Choose the Apple ID Associated with the iDevice
  • Choose the iDevice name

Please note: If this is a new device, the iDevice name will not show up, instead it’ll prompt you to close the device. Close the Device record, and exit back to Indigo’s main window. (Make sure to save, and not cancel). This is due to new device’s not having an Indigo device number until the device is initially saved…. FMID needs that Device number.

If necessary, Re-open the iDevice record, and choose the iDevice name.

Basic Usage:

Find My iDevices, will keep the iDevice records up to date, this allows you to create Triggers based on the location of the iDevices…
For example, you can create a trigger than will turn on the AC when your iDevice is less than a mile away…
But FMiD also have a web-based component.  To use the web component, please make sure that the following settings are enabled on your Indigo Server:
  • Allow Remote Access is Enabled
  • Turn on “Enable iPhone, iPod touch, and remote Web Browser Access”
  • If “Override Web Server (HTTP) port number” is turn on, please take note of the port number.  (By default it is 8176.)
If you are on the same system as the server,*port number* will bring up the Indigo Web server, and you should see a “Find My iDevices” page.  Otherwise, http://*IP ADDRESS of Indigo Server*:*port number* will bring up the Indigo Web server.

Device States

When Find My iDevice polls Find My iPhone, each device’s states will be updated with the following information:

  • (GPS) Accuracy – Find My iPhone estimated accuracy of the GPS Reading *1*
  • AppleID – The Apple ID used to find the iDevice
  • Apple_DeviceNumber – Used internally
  • Battery – Removed in v1.50
  • Battery Status ( 1.00 is fully charged?  0.0 is fully discharged?) Removed in v1.50
  • Charging – Removed in v1.50
  • ClosestAddress – When located, The Latitude and Longitude will be used to calculate the closest street address via Google Maps.
  • DeviceClass – eg. iPad, iPhone, iMac 27″, etc
  • DeviceModel – FirstGen, SecondGen, etc
  • DeviceStatus – Unknown, set by Apple.
  • DistanceAway – Distance Calculation from the iDevice’s Latitude and Longitude,to the Latitude and Longitude that is set in the Find My iDevices Preferences
  • FencedAreaName – Removed in v1.50
  • LastUpdated – The Time/Date stamp of the last time this record was updated
  • Latitude – The Latitude of the located iDevice
  • Longitude – The Longitude of the Located iDevice

Now, when the Timed MobileMe refresh occurs, those devices will be updated at the same time.  This allows other plugins, or programs to get the data from the device states.



  1. If you are seeing a different place in the web browser, especially one centered in the Rochester, ny area…  Blame me.  Go into the IWS directory, and remove the “Pickled_Data” file.  That file is used to exchange data between the Indigo Plugin, and the IWS plugin.  I don’t always remember to remove it, when I package up the plugin for distribution.  The file is regenerated with the MobileMe information every time the plugin is run, so you can just do a forced update, or reload the plugin, to force the Pickled_Data file to be updated with your devices information.  If after doing this, you are still not seeing updated information reflecting your devices.  Please send me the Indigo Log Entries showing a Find My iDevices! update.  It is possible that you may have found a bug, or issue that is preventing a successful MobileMe poll.
  2. when you open the web page, you are shown a place that is not familiar, then please check your Find My iDevices plugin settings.  Find My iDevice will default to the Latitude and Longitude that you set in the Preferences when it shows the initial map.
  3. If the map does not appear, please make sure that you have JavaScript turned on, and that no JavaScript blockers are running.


For issues or questions, please contact Benjamin AT schollnick DOT net.