China’s 60-Mile Traffic Jam Is Breaking Up

After 10 days of bumper-to-bumper stop-and-start congestion, a 60-mile-long, 10,000-vehicle traffic jam on a major freeway west of Beijing has been broken up, Chinese traffic authorities said on Tuesday. The state television network CCTV said traffic had returned to normal on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou freeway, which stretches from the capital’s northwest suburbs to inner Mongolia. But […]

My insteon module is constantly beeping…

I’ve tried hooking up a SwitchLinc Dimmer model 2476D, and I’m getting a continuous tone. According to Smarthome, In the SwitchLinc, KeypadLinc, and ToggleLinc dimmer models revision 5.0 or higher, there is a detection circuit that tests the load (your lights) for mis-wiring or an incompatible load when power is first applied. The Insteon module […]

About the non-standard indeterminate wait cursor in Photoshop CS5

What’s wrong about inventing your own cursors?  Or about using non-standard animations?  Pierre Iggot (Betalogue) expands on his previous discussion on where Adobe has gotten it wrong, when giving “wait” feedback to the user. In short, Adobe uses a custom “waiting” cursor animation when doing certain actions (eg. Loading a large file).  Pierre discusses the […]

Anatomy of a Wikipedia HOAX….

A couple months ago, I introduced you to the Wikipedia article (now yanked) on Orange Julius namesake Julius Freed, which is full of all kinds of crazy trivia, like the fact that he invented a shower stall for pigeons. I was mostly interested in the article because (a) it had sat unchanged on Wikipedia for five years, and […]

13 Things that Saved Apollo 13

The Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon and back is probably the most hazardous trip ever…  Through a sheer boat load of technical excellence, and kitbashing, as well as sheer timing and luck, everyone survived…  But here’s a article that discusses the 13 things that contributed to that successful voyage home. On the night of […]