Mars will be the closest to Earth and swell to the size of a full Moon…. Wrong!

For the seventh year in a row, the Mars Hoax is infecting email boxes around the world. Passed from one reader to another, the message states that on August 27th Mars will approach Earth and swell to the size of a full Moon. “NO ONE ALIVE TODAY WILL EVER SEE THIS AGAIN,” the email declares–always […]

China’s 60-Mile Traffic Jam Is Breaking Up

After 10 days of bumper-to-bumper stop-and-start congestion, a 60-mile-long, 10,000-vehicle traffic jam on a major freeway west of Beijing has been broken up, Chinese traffic authorities said on Tuesday. The state television network CCTV said traffic had returned to normal on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou freeway, which stretches from the capital’s northwest suburbs to inner Mongolia. But […]

Original Star Wars producer explains what went wrong after Empire Strikes Back

What really would have happened in Return of the Jedi, if the script hadn’t been changed?  Why did the Star Wars movies start to go down hill? Read the details from the Original Star Wars producer.

My insteon module is constantly beeping…

I’ve tried hooking up a SwitchLinc Dimmer model 2476D, and I’m getting a continuous tone. According to Smarthome, In the SwitchLinc, KeypadLinc, and ToggleLinc dimmer models revision 5.0 or higher, there is a detection circuit that tests the load (your lights) for mis-wiring or an incompatible load when power is first applied. The Insteon module […]

About the non-standard indeterminate wait cursor in Photoshop CS5

What’s wrong about inventing your own cursors?  Or about using non-standard animations?  Pierre Iggot (Betalogue) expands on his previous discussion on where Adobe has gotten it wrong, when giving “wait” feedback to the user. In short, Adobe uses a custom “waiting” cursor animation when doing certain actions (eg. Loading a large file).  Pierre discusses the […]

Anatomy of a Wikipedia HOAX….

A couple months ago, I introduced you to the Wikipedia article (now yanked) on Orange Julius namesake Julius Freed, which is full of all kinds of crazy trivia, like the fact that he invented a shower stall for pigeons. I was mostly interested in the article because (a) it had sat unchanged on Wikipedia for five years, and […]

Look Ma! No Hands!

Well, evidently the “Accelerator Stuck”, but still… This isn’t how you park your car…

13 Things that Saved Apollo 13

The Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon and back is probably the most hazardous trip ever…  Through a sheer boat load of technical excellence, and kitbashing, as well as sheer timing and luck, everyone survived…  But here’s a article that discusses the 13 things that contributed to that successful voyage home. On the night of […]