OS X Lion Walkthrough: Versions and Auto Save

Two new features that have found their way in the first Lion developer preview but might seem too complicated or “hidden” as only Apple applications support them right now are Versions and Auto Save. With auto-saving capabilities for documents and a proper versioning system in place, Apple is aiming at… via OS X Lion Walkthrough: […]

iOS 4.3 Beta Hints at SGX543 GPU in Future Devices

The newest beta of the iOS 4.3 contains details that suggest that Apple is planning to incorporate the next generation of SGX Graphics Processors. Currently Apple is using the PowerVR SGX535, but the iOS 4.3 indicates that the SGX543 maybe incorporated into the next generation of iOS devices. The SGX543 is suppose to deliver: 35 […]

Mac OS X installed on Intel’s Sandy Bridge

Good news, everybody—you don’t have to wait for Apple to approve Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors before you can run Mac OS X on the new CPUs. Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs and chipsets are barely out of the gate, but that hasn’t stopped some users from installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the new Sandy […]

AirPlay Reverse Engineered to Send Video From iOS Devices to Macs

TUAW’s Erica Sadun has put together an alpha version of a Mac OS X application known as “AirPlayer” that does exactly that. What AirPlayer does is create and advertise a custom Bonjour AirPlay service that pretends to be an Apple TV. Bonjour is Apple’s zero configuration networking solution for allowing devices and applications to communicate […]

Déjà vu – NeXTSTEP vs OS X

The hidden history of Mac OS X.  The inheritance from NextStep… Before & After comparisons of NextStep vs. Mac OS X.  The video takes footage from Mac OS X 10.0.x or 10.1.x.  Why is this important?  Things have dramatically changed in the later versions of Mac OS X…

Automatic Login for Windows XP & Mac OS X

This feature allows other users to start your computer and use the account that you establish to automatically log on. Enabling auto logon makes your computer more convenient to use, but can pose a security risk since anyone can just turn the machine on and access your files. Mac OS X This may vary slightly depending […]