Redirection Plugin for Indigo

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What is the Redirection Plugin?

So you have Indigo Pro, why not use the Indigo web server interface for more than just an occasional glance of your home automation?

Before you say something like, how can I do that? All it’s good for, is controlling my home automation…

Well, maybe before the Redirection plugin, you would have been right…

But now, with the Redirection plugin, you can create a web portal device in Indigo, and assign a “IWS Path”, and a URL to redirect to. When the IWS plugin sees the web URL, it will create a iframe and embed the URL you wanted into that iframe.

So, you can use Indigo to act as a portal for other web resources.

But, wait a second your saying, why can’t I just make a control page, that has a button leading to a web resource. You can, but you have to create control page, layout the buttons, and put more effort into it to create the web link.

So redirection plugin is quicker, simpler, and easier… But unlike a control page, you do not have a fancy GUI appearance…

  1. If the user goes to http://*indigoserver*/redirection, they will receive a listing of all the redirections, with live web links.. So, you don’t need to create a separate control page… (These links do not use iframes)
  2. To have a iframe created, the link would be http://*indigoserver*/Redirection/?url=*IWS PATH*

So for example, I have a google search shortcut setup with a IWS Path of “Google”, and a redirection to “”. The URL would be:


1) Open the “Add to Plugin Directory” folder, and take the Redirect.indigoPlugin and place it into

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 5/Plugins

2) Open the “Add to IWS Plugin Directory” folder, and copy the “Redirection” folder, and place it into:

/Plugins/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 5/IndigoWebServer/Plugins

4) Restart the Indigo 5 Server

5) After the Indigo server restarts, it will immediately open a dialog window,
asking you to the set the default settings for the plugin.

If you are upgrading from earlier versions of the Redirect, please go into any “Web Portal” device
records, and check your settings.

Basic Usage:

1) Open a web browser window, and go to your Indigo Web Server.

You will see an entry at the bottom:

Web Redirection                Allows Indigo to display other sites

If you click on that link, the Redirection web page will open, and display the currently defined redirections.


Click here to see plugin download links.




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