Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Neighbors –

The NY Times is covering the use of Video Surveillance to defend your property.  The same technology is often also being used in home automation systems as a way to monitor your property…. STEVE MILLER is justifiably proud of the manicured grounds around his stately stucco home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. So he was […]

13 Things that Saved Apollo 13

The Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon and back is probably the most hazardous trip ever…  Through a sheer boat load of technical excellence, and kitbashing, as well as sheer timing and luck, everyone survived…  But here’s a article that discusses the 13 things that contributed to that successful voyage home. On the night of […]

Google: Fake antivirus is 15 percent of all malwareKn

According to a Google study, 15% of all malware consists of fake anti-virus (or Rogue Antivirus) software.  What does that mean to the average user, probably nothing, but are you sure that Antivirus warning you just received is really from your antivirus software? Practically, this means that you need to be more aware of your […]

Venstar T1800, a Review…

For years, I have considered purchasing a new thermostat, so that I could integrate it into the Home Automation, and control it, easily..  So I have kept my eye on a few different solutions, but just recently, we needed some furnace work, and I was able to justify purchasing a new Venstar T1800, when I […]

Disable AirPort when Ethernet cable is connected

From MacOSXHints… At my office, I needed to find a way to turn of the wireless network when someone plugged in their network cable. I also did not want them to be able to turn the wireless network back on until the network cable was unplugged. I came up with the fallowing solution. I created […]

Credit scores? 720? 850?

I am sure you’ve seen those commercials, touting you need to have a credit rating of 720…. But have you ever thought about what that means?  The FICO credit score ranges between 300 and 850. The VantageScore score ranges from 501-990.  Typically the 720 refers to an FICO credit score.. Think about that… The adverts […]

How a stray mouse click choked the NYSE & cost a bank $150K

The term comes from the idea of a clumsy, ‘fat-fingered’ typist, who presses extra keys without being aware of it. As the practice of high-frequency trading continues to become more widespread, concerns are growing that erroneous trades carried out by ‘algos gone wild’—a sort of digitally amplified version of the ‘fat finger’ phenomenon—could cause a […]