Devices that are On! Plugin

What is Devices that Are On!?Well, I was going through the usual feeds this morning… And noticed this:

This sounds like a use for Smart Folders (devices filtered by state), but I’d really like to be able to see a page on Indigo Remote that show only lights that are on. I’ve got 70-something light controllers, and I’d like Indigo to do the work of finding the ones that are on, rather than me scrolling a long list. Is this possible now?

Well, it wasn’t as of a few hours ago. But a quick modification to the Indigo Remote Device Listing plugin, and a few tests here, and there, and we have the “Devices that are On!” plugin. It will list all the devices that are currently on, and has a hyperlink on the name. If you click on that hyperlink Indigo will turn the device off, and then show you a brief status on the device.

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1) Download the ZIP file, and unarchive it.

2) Rename the Folder to “Device_On” and place it in the following location. /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/Plugins 3) The initial version of v1.25 required the CSS file to be moved to the Indigo Webserver CSS directory.  This is no longer required.

4) Restart the Indigo 4 Server

Uninstall Instructions

To Uninstall:

  1. Remove the Eventlog folder from the Plugins folder
  2. Remove the Device_On.css file from the Css folder
  3. Restart the Indigo Server.


To customize the display, please modify the CSS file.  And feel free to suggest additional customization, or modification to Benjamin….

Version History

Version 1.25

  • Added support for the external CSS file for customization purposes.
  • Fixed initial problem with the CSS folder location.  Released v1.25b with a revised CSS statement that allows the CSS file to remain in the local plugin folder.

Version 1.01

  • Added the Redirect feature to auto-refresh the screen when you turned off a device.
Version 1.00

  • Initial Release