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Here’s a new little treat…

I have been thinking about writing a web page for remotely accessing the Indigo Log for a while, and even had some prototype code lying around.  After shipping the prototype code to Matt, he suggested a few changes, and added some tweaks…

So, I am bundling the code up and making it available….  So that I can get feedback, and suggestions from users on how to improve this tool.

Similar functionality maybe added into Indigo in the future, but that doesn’t prevent you from using it now.


EventLog v1.2


1) Download the ZIP file, and unarchive it.

2) Rename the Folder to “Eventlog” and place it in the following location.

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 4/IndigoWebServer/Plugins

3) Restart the Indigo 4 Server

To Uninstall, just remove the Eventlog folder from the Plugins folder, and restart the Indigo Server.


The Remote Log Viewer allows to you to customize the colors that are displayed for each Log entry.  In v1.50 you can use the CSS file, and customize the output as you wish.

How to Use It

How do you use the Remote EventLog Viewer?

Simple, Open your Web Browser, and browse to the Indigo Web server.  From the root of the web server add /Eventlog .

For Example:




Suggestions for improvements

Version History

1.54         2/7/2020

  • Resolved duplicate log entries for the current day when running under snow leopard.

1.52        6/23/2009

  • Added better iPhone support

1.50        5/15/2009

  • Version A – Rewritten to support external CSS files
  • Version B – Fixed code to help resolve Decoding issues with non-ascii content
  • Version C – Fixed problem with Filter By Type code.

1.35        4/2/2009

  • Revised the Header
  • Added the ability to only show specific event types (eg. iTunes, Error, etc)
  • Fixed bug with loading a specific days log from the pulldown

1.31        2/16/2009

  • Added Support for Indigo 2, and 3 Log files.  The viewer will now test for Indigo 4, and if not found, will then test for Indigo 2 & 3.

1.3        1/28/2009

  • Table Header Revision
  • Added Custom Color Support

1.2        1/17/2009

  • Added Better Interface for selecting specific days for display (Select Field)
  • Added Select field for the number of days to view
  • Added Color Coding for Error messages
  • Now displayed in “reverse” order (earliest day / entry is at the top of the log)

1.0        1/14/2009

  • Initial version