iPhone, and iPad Benchmarks…

These benchmarks from LinPack, iBench, GeekBench, PerfScore, and the SunSpider Javascript Test. Geek Bench GeekBench is available from the App store… Higher is better!   LinPack LinPack is available from the App Store. Higher is better!   iBench iBench is available from the App store. Higher is better!   SunSpider Javascript Benchmark SunSpider is from the Webkit website, […]

Apple iPad 2 Coming With iOS 5 Features

We are almost a day away from the Apple iPad 2 Announcement. A reports claim that Apple may release iOS 4.3 on March 2nd, Engadget claims that Apple will unveil iOS 5 alongside a new dual-core A5 iPad 2 with 512MB of RAM at the upcoming iPad 2 launch event…. via Apple iPad 2 Coming […]

Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch

Here’s a behind the scenes Analysis of the “World of Goo”‘s iPad launch… for the creators of “World of Goo”. By the way, it’s a tough game, but a good game, never the less… It’s challenging, inventive, and cross platform! Remember, support the cross platform developers… Learn from the escapee of OS/2, and Desqview. We […]

Apple’s Remote Application has been updated

Apple has updated its Remote app for iPhone and iPad with a handful of features just before the App Store review team takes a holiday break. New perks include support for AirPlay and better integration with various iTunes features.

Congratulations to Perceptive Automation! (Indigo Touch 1.7 release)

Congratulations to Perceptive Automation on the Indigo Touch 1.7 release. From the Release Notes: We are excited to announce that Indigo Touch 1.7 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. New features include: Support for iOS 4 multitasking — commands will finish executing and images will continue to load even […]

Walt Mossberg’s review of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

On balance, however, I still prefer the iPad. For one thing, I like getting twice the screen size for a little more money up front—as little as $29 for the no-contract model with cellular capability. For another, the iPad has vastly more apps specifically designed for a tablet versus a smartphone—about 40,000 according to Apple, […]

iPad Breakaway

When was the last time you saw an AT&T iPad commercial?  Here’s an Verizon commercial though….