Google sues feds over Microsoft-centric bidding requirement

So the government, is asking for bids, from multiple vendors for a product that can only be created by one vendor.  So if anyone else wants to win the bid, they have to purchase services / product from Microsoft.  Yes indeed.  This is your money at work, within the government.  Especially since there are tons […]

New York to spend $27.5million uncapitalizing street signs…

Right…  I see how this is such a disaster waiting to happen.  Someone from Kansas stops by, and doesn’t understand “4th AVENUE” is “4th Avenue”.  Let’s get this straight, instead of decomissioning these signs in a staged manner, a capital letter is so dangerous that we have to spend $27.5 million dollars today! Is this […]

Banned Books?

Do you realize the number of books that are challenged, and/or banned every year?  Or even more so, does anyone care? Censorship is a problem, a major problem, it prevents people from communicating, talking, and bringing opposing view points to the foreground.  Yes, sometimes the debates that stem from the opposing views go to far, […]

Rochester International Airport Hydrogen Fire & Explosion

There was a hydrogen fire and explosion at a renewable fuel station used by government vehicles near Rochester’s airport. The nearby freeway and airport was closed resulting in diverted flights. This may the first major incident at a hydrogen vehicle refueling station. GM has their major fuel cell development center nearby, in the town of […]

Debt Free America Act?

Is the Government proposing a 1% tax on debit card usage and/or banking transactiosn? Well, the answer is mixed, but it would be a incoming tax replacement…  For the full details look here… Debt Free America Act.

Angelina Jolie MacGyvers her way past the FBI, using her panties

Salt is looking very good… I can’t wait to see it in the theatre…. Government agent framed as a double agent/traitor. Must escape to prove their innocence causing massive car chases, mayhem and explosions along the way. HOW does Hollywood keep coming up with these fresh ideas SALT Exclusive Clip: Stunning Escape Trailer Park Movies […]

New York lawmakers refuse governor’s budget bills

I love New York state…  It’s just so full of faulty and broken things…  Like the NY State lawmakers…  We are roughly 3 months overdue for a new budget.  Forget that for a moment, but instead think how the schools and other partially government funded entities are having to borrow money to stay afloat…. But […]