Rich’s Doctor Who Comic Mirror

Rich has been producing some fantastic Doctor Who based fan comics for quite a while… He’s been interviewed by the Two Minute Timelord podcast, and has a quite popular comic blog….

And recently he asked if there was any way to get some help with bandwidth… So I being the large Doctor Who fan I am volunteered…

So here is a small collection of his Doctor who work… Please feel free to check his web site for the latest and greatest… I am assisting with the storage of his collected works…

The 10 Doctors

Forever Janette

A Forever Knight / Doctor Who Cross-Over

His sense of humor is quite good, and he’s got a great feel for the series…  And as a treat here’s a standalone page that he did showing some possible ways that the 8th Doctor (McGann) regenerates into the 9th Doctor…

Since it has been strongly suggested to me that I NOT cover the regeneration of the 8th Doctor into the 9th Doctor in my web comic, I have composed a special page. Sort of a thumbed nose, as t’were, of said regeneration. I just couldn’t decide how it should happen, so here are a few variations.