Project Cosplay – Commander Shepard

Wowser! A fantastic Commander Shepard cosplay by Crystal, that is being featured on Project Cosplay.  Yes, think Project Runway, but with a cosplayer, and Hollywood Effects Master Steve Wang giving his opinion on the costume and Crystal’s ability as a cosplayer.

Cravendale – Catnapped

Here’s the sequel to the Original Cravendale “Cat with Thumbs” video…. [youtube¬†]  

Blind Spot

Steven couldn’t see how his day could get any worse… That’s because he’s looking the wrong way.

$13,238.86 left in a NYC taxi

Casey Neistat made one small mistake…. He left $13,238.86 in a NYC taxi… This is the story of how, after traveling for 10 days, one small distraction caused him to leave his luggage in the Taxi… And how hard it is to recover that luggage…

Inside Adam Savage’s Man Cave: Rasputin’s Mecha Glove from Hellboy

Adam Savage shows off his in-progress build of the Rasputin Mecha Glove from the Hellboy movie. The amazing prop was only in the movie for a few moments, but it made a huge impression and Adam has been meticulously recreating all its complicated parts. It’s coming along nicely! [youtube¬†]