Matt Smith, Continues as The Doctor until at least 2014?

The Sun, claims that Steven Moffat has convinced Matt Smith to continue as The Doctor until at least 2014…. I hope this is accurate, because Matt is fantastic as The Doctor! Currently filming is progressing on the 2012 Christmas special, but they will be starting to film the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration specials later […]

Doctor Who – Season 7 Trailer

There isn’t a lot of meat and potatoes here, since only the second and third episodes (out of 14) have been filmed so far…  So we can expect other trailers as the year continues on…

The Dalek Advent Calendar

I would love having one of these in my house except that I couldn’t help but feel like I was counting down the days to my own EXTERMINATion rather than Christmas.Link Via Craftzine via The Dalek Advent Calendar.

A Study in Time (Sherlock/Doctor Who)

[youtube] “After strange events start happening across London, Sherlock and John soon find out that a certain Time Lord is the key to all of them. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.”