Insteon devices are internally fused? (No, they are not!)

Myth: I have found that most, and possibly all*, Insteon “Bricks” are fused internally. The Truth: This is not true. In fact, most INSTEON products are not internally fused. The ApplianceLinc, PowerLinc Modems, and PowerLinc Controllers contain no fuses. There are also no designed-in fusible links within the components or circuit board(s).  (Fusible links, means […]

Indigo 4.1.14 is released!

Indigo 4.1.14 is now available for download from Perceptive Automation. In addition to the major 4.0 improvements and 4.1 features, this update includes: Added support for RF INSTEON Portable USB Adapter (PLM 2448A7). Added support for the INSTEON SynchroLinc. Added support for the INSTEON dual-band SwitchLinc. Added work around for mobile Safari bug that causes some Indigo access […]

How many access points are recommended (for Insteon)?

Well, this is a tricky question, since there is no one answer that is correct. First, use the Insteon Health Tool, run it a few times, and get a decent average to see what s working and what is not. Second, pull out your existing SignalLinc, and AccessLincs, and try the health tool again. Next, […]

My insteon module is constantly beeping…

I’ve tried hooking up a SwitchLinc Dimmer model 2476D, and I’m getting a continuous tone. According to Smarthome, In the SwitchLinc, KeypadLinc, and ToggleLinc dimmer models revision 5.0 or higher, there is a detection circuit that tests the load (your lights) for mis-wiring or an incompatible load when power is first applied. The Insteon module […]

Indigo 4.1.8 Released

Indigo 4.1.8 Released: “4.1.8 is now available for download. In addition to the major 4.0 improvements and 4.1 features, this update includes: Added support for INSTEON 30A Load Controller. Improved size / scaling of Web pages when viewed from Safari on iPad. Minor modificactions for unreleased INSTEON modules. (See the Rest of the Story at […]

Should any older [Insteon] firmware version units be discarded?

I have some Insteon units that are a few years old. Even though they work could older firmware versions cause the system to be slower or interfere with normal operation? I thought I heard some people having concerns with having older units in their system. Generally speaking, the Smarthome Insteon units, have been designed to […]

Control / Dim all lights….

I’m trying to create a Trigger that will dim all the lights that are currently ON. Anyone have any ideas how I can implement this? Home Automation is more than just wanting things to happen, sometimes it takes some work, to get it to work the way you expect.  After all, computers are just really […]

Indigo Venstar Thermostat Monitor v1.00 released…

Folks, Update — The detailed  instructions, etc, are now available from Venstar Thermostat Monitor. I have just created a new plugin that will allow Venstar Insteon Thermostat users to monitor their daily usage of AC, Heating, and Fan usage…  This is a basic plugin designed to extend Indigo… When installed, the plugin is most noticeable […]