What is Windows RT? It’s not Windows!

This quote from Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, pretty much needs to be stressed. Windows RT will not run any desktop applications beyond the applications that are bundled with the operating system. This means it will not run Windows Essentials 2012, Microsoft Outlook (any version), Microsoft Office (any version, beyond what’s included with RT), Adobe […]

iPhone, and iPad Benchmarks…

These benchmarks from LinPack, iBench, GeekBench, PerfScore, and the SunSpider Javascript Test. Geek Bench GeekBench is available from the App store… Higher is better!   LinPack LinPack is available from the App Store. Higher is better!   iBench iBench is available from the App store. Higher is better!   SunSpider Javascript Benchmark SunSpider is from the Webkit website, […]

Can I charge a computer through its USB port ?

I’m aware of no computer that can be charged using the USB port. Part of the reason for this, is that the power capacity of a USB connection is only up to 100 mA (milli-Amperes) at 5 volts, or half a Watt, or about 1/30 the power needed to actually run a typical laptop these […]

WebKit Limit on [iPad] Retina JPG Image Display

Evidently there is a limitation with the new iPad (nee iPad 3), which can cause JPEG images to be resampled, when viewed through Webkit (mainly Mobile Safari, but other applications can use Webkit). These have to be huge images though….  For example, 2000×1000…. So these aren’t your normal run of the mill images…  Progressive Scan […]

Factory Reset

Whether your tech is in need of troubleshooting or you’ve just messed with the settings beyond repair, FactoryReset.com will show you how to get it back to its out-of-the-box state. Factory Reset.