Backup, backup and backup

We just heard of a sad story about an Australian web hosting company (Distribute.IT) that was hacked and all of the sites they hosted were deleted (almost 5 thousand of them). What’s even worse is that the attackers deleted and corrupted their backup archives, so they were not able to… via Backup, backup and backup.

Z-410: How ZFS is slowly making its way to Mac OS X

A commercial ZFS solution is (still) coming to Mac OS X, thanks to former Apple filesystem and OS engineer Don Brady (who previously worked on the abandoned internal Apple project to port ZFS). Brady and his company, Ten’s Complement, just launched a limited private beta in hopes to have the software polished and ready for a […]

Avast 6 Anti-Virus Download for Free

Avast anti-virus is one of the most trusted free anti-virus that is available in the market. Other few security softwares that come to mind are AVG. Avast 6 is the latest version of anti-virus. It is available for Free Download.The Avast 6 includes scan engine which is lighter and takes… via Avast 6 Anti-Virus Download […]

Apple releases iPhoto 9.1.1

Apple has released iPhoto 9.1.1….Here’s the release notes…. About iPhoto 9.1.1 This update adds new email options to iPhoto ’11. It also improves overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues. Specific fixes include: Adds a preference allowing photos to be emailed using an external email application Adds “Classic” and “Journal” themes to […]

Is Adobe the new Microsoft?

People sometimes ask me why I am not a fan of Adobe? The main reason is that they have very lackluster Macintosh support.  Misbehaving Installers, slow installers, and quality control that Microsoft would never accept. Microsoft is criticized for throwing out releasing and then over the next dozen or so patches slowly eliminating bugs (and […]

A Simple “AirPrint Hacktivator”

I typically don’t make “hacks” to my system, but I just tried the Netputing’s AirPrint Hacktivator and it clearly works…  And works quite simply. Run the tool, turn on AirPort Printing, and then delete and re-add your printer (so that the changes are seen). HOW TO Hacktivate: 1. Launch AirPrintHacktivator 2. Click on the togle switch: […]

You need an Authenticator!

Folks, I urge anyone that is using a blizzard game to add an Authenticator to their account.. Assuming of course, that you have an Smartphone (iPhone, or android device). Or to buy an Authenticator from Blizzard. The Authenticator’s from Blizzard are key fob style devices that serve the same purpose as the mobile application, […]