ALERT: Facebook Chat Hijackings Continue To Spread

We’re seeing lots of people warning about — or at least apologizing for - chat hijackings.The latest one says “Hey, check out this girl, lol, she must be out of her mind for making that video!” and includes a shortened web address.That URL leads to a Facebook page running an application called Congood. Clicking “allow” on the permission box… via ALERT: Facebook Chat Hijackings […]

Avast 6 Anti-Virus Download for Free

Avast anti-virus is one of the most trusted free anti-virus that is available in the market. Other few security softwares that come to mind are AVG. Avast 6 is the latest version of anti-virus. It is available for Free Download.The Avast 6 includes scan engine which is lighter and takes… via Avast 6 Anti-Virus Download […]

Registry Repair Toolkit (…Hmrph.

Funny how Windows Registry errors can be caused by a Macintosh software package….  I was doing a google search for information on a macintosh product, and funny how their site reports: What is Mac2TiVo (Mac).exe error? Mac2TiVo (Mac).exe error is one of the most common system errors that many PC users will come across when […]

Google pulls app that revealed Android flaw, issues fix

Google pulled an app from the Android marketplace that was created to illustrate a flaw in the mobile framework that allowed apps to be installed without a user’s knowledge. It then issued a fix for bug. Jon Oberheide, chief technology officer of Scio Security, created a proof-of-concept app disguised as an expansion for the popular […]

Free Mac anti-virus – Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

Sophos is now offering free copies of it’s anti-virus software, to Macintosh users… Technical Specifications are as follows: Mac with Intel or PowerPC processor 256 MB of memory 150 MB of available disk space Mac with OSX 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Supports All Apple Mac hardware including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro […]

Uninstalling Norton Antivirus & related Security Products

One major issue that I have seen is that Norton Antivirus & Security Products don’t always uninstall cleanly. Often, in the past, they have left the computer unable to connect properly to the internet, or having odd symptoms… What I have found is using the custom Norton Uninstall Utility, works cleanly, and is often faster […]

Try answering the question, or you’ve failed…

I just did something that I never have done in the past…. And I shouldn’t be surprised at the results… I just read the “What’s the risk” help screen for the ActiveX installer prompt.  You know the annoying prompt, where it asks “do you want to install this ActiveX control” or “What’s the risk?”. You […]

Dell replacement motherboards have firmware malware….

Short Sharp Science: PC giant warns of hardware trojan: “News that Dell may have a hardware trojan problem emerged on a support forum after a user was warned by a Dell call centre that the firm’s PowerEdge R410 server motherboard contains spyware of unspecified function that a Dell engineer needed to come and remove. Dell […]