The History of Microsoft’s MS-DOS

MS-DOS is 30 years old today. Well, kind of. On 27 July 1981, Microsoft gave the name MS-DOS to the disk operating system it acquired on that day from Seattle Computer Products (SCP), a hardware company owned and run by a fellow called Rod Brock. SCP developed what it at various times called QDOS and […]

What Microsoft Can Learn From Mac OS X Lion

Amazingly enough, Paul Thurrott’s supersite for Windows, actually has a positive piece about Apple… I’ve harped on this a lot in the past, but in a bid to maximize profits, Microsoft has littered the market with far too many Windows product versions, or what the company calls SKUs (for “stock keeping unit,” retailing term). And […]

Half a Million Space Battles! Congrats!

According to Cliffski, the author of Gratuitous Space Battles, the GSB server has served over half a million battles for network games…  (Over 501,934 battles at the time of posting) See here: Here’s a chirpy statistic. At the time of writing, the total number of online ‘challenge’ games of Gratuitous Space Battles that have been played […]

Handbrake v0.95 has been released…

HandBrake v0.9.5 has now been released. There are a ton of changes in this release, and you can get into the details in the change release notes. For the Mac version of the software, the biggest news is that PowerPC is no longer supported. If you’re still holding on to an older Mac, it’s time to […]

Apple Releases iPhone Configuration Utility 3.2

About iPhone Configuration Utility 3.2 iPhone Configuration Utility lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs. Configuration profiles are XML files that contain device security policies, VPN configuration information, Wi-Fi settings, APN settings, Exchange account settings, mail settings, […]

Registry Repair Toolkit (…Hmrph.

Funny how Windows Registry errors can be caused by a Macintosh software package….  I was doing a google search for information on a macintosh product, and funny how their site reports: What is Mac2TiVo (Mac).exe error? Mac2TiVo (Mac).exe error is one of the most common system errors that many PC users will come across when […]

Automatic Login for Windows XP & Mac OS X

This feature allows other users to start your computer and use the account that you establish to automatically log on. Enabling auto logon makes your computer more convenient to use, but can pose a security risk since anyone can just turn the machine on and access your files. Mac OS X This may vary slightly depending […]

Backing up virtual machines with Time Machine

One of the improvements in Parallels v6 is better support for Time Machine, if you are using a Disk Image based backup (eg. Not using a Boot Camp Partition).  Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any backup improvements for us Boot Camp users… According to Parallels: One of the ways to back up your virtual […]