iOS Multitasking Management Myth Debunked [video]

Truth or Falsehood?  All those apps in the multitasking bar on your iOS device are currently active and slowing it down, filling the device’s memory or using up your battery. To maximise performance and battery life, you should kill them all manually. Read iOS Multitasking Management Myth Debunked and find out the truth…

iPad 2 Smart Cover Drop Test from Square Trade

Will the iPad 2 break with a smart cover on? Square Trade purchased two brand-new iPad 2s and equipped one with Apple’s smart cover and one without. They did some drop tests from waist and shoulder height to see if Apple’s smart cover can protects your iPad. Watch the video to see what happens. […]

Thoughts on the iPad 2…

Well, I have had the iPad 2 for about a week now, and I thought that I would document some of my thoughts on it. What’s changed from iPad 1? The tapered edge makes it feel a lot thinner, but it also makes using the power button, slider switch, and volumes controls a little bit […]

What does iTunes actually back up?

What is iTunes backing up when it backups your iDevice?  Here’s the complete list…. Address Book and Address Book favorites. App Store Application data (except the Application itself, its tmp and Caches folder). Application settings, preferences, and data. Autofill for webpages. CalDAV and subscribed calendar accounts. Calendar accounts. Calendar events. Call history. Camera Roll (Photos, […]

iPhone 5 Prototypes Spotted Again By Foxconn

It seems that the rumor about the iPhone 5 will never stop before release. This time rumors have came from a reliable source from Foxconn. They has provided information to the folks over at 9to5Mac regarding the upcoming iPhone 5. A leaked image of the prototype of iPhone 5 which… via iPhone 5 Prototypes Spotted […]