Project Cosplay – Commander Shepard

Wowser! A fantastic Commander Shepard cosplay by Crystal, that is being featured on Project Cosplay.  Yes, think Project Runway, but with a cosplayer, and Hollywood Effects Master Steve Wang giving his opinion on the costume and Crystal’s ability as a cosplayer.

If Quake was done today

[youtube] In my era, We complained about the video being too dark, and other issues…. But I think this video from Kmoosmann, makes his point..  Although, I never really mastered the Rocket / Grenade jump….  

Wil Shipley’s review of “Fallout: New Vegas”

Wil Shipley, has an interesting review of Fallout 3: New Vegas… Now, I am only about half way through Fallout 3 New Vegas…  So I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the review… I certainly agree that the questing system is aggravating…  But it’ll be real interesting to see if the end game is as […]