How do I remove invisible folders from Time Machine?

Normally to remove a file or folder from Time Machine, you would open Time Machine, highlight the file or folder, and then choose Remove from Backup in the options pull down. But to do this with an invisible directory in the Finder by using Go -> Go to Folder… (command-shift-G) and enter the path. Once […]

Mac OS X 10.6.2 Build Resolves Obscure Apple TV Bug [Seed Notes]

According to World of Apple, Build 10C540 has been released to developers for testing of 10.6.2… Apple has once again given developers another build of Mac OS X 10.6.2, despite being on the cards for release for several weeks build 10C540 solves several issues but continues to contain no known issues. Obscurely in this build […]

First glances of Snow Leopard

Folks, For the last 4 months or so, I have been part of the Appleseed beta program for Snow Leopard, and overall I have to say that Apple has done a good job so far with Snow Leopard. I just got the general release, and so far, I have run into no issues show stopping […]

Time Machine Last Backup Date Check..

Folks, One Major issue that I have with Time Machine, is that the OS does not warn you (reliably) if you go too long between backups. Here’s a python script that can do so…  It’s primarily designed for attached (usb/firewire) storage, but I have added support for Time Capsule style backups…  When run, the script […]

How to turn on & Off Time Machine from the terminal

Well, I am working on testing a scheme to only allow Time Machine to run when the user is local to the Time Capsule… Through some research, you can turn on and off Time Machine from the command line… Turn On - defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AutoBackup -boolean true Turn Off - defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AutoBackup -boolean false […]