Indigo Tweet script is now available for download

There’s been a few people that have asked for the Indigo Twitter script available for download… So here it is… [download id=”25″] Please feel free to give me feedback on the script, especially if there are features you would like added.

Do you want your house to twitter?

Here’s some code that will allow you to Twitter your Indigo Insteon Traffic….  It will Tweet when a device is turned on or off…Just place it in the Attachments folder for Indigo.  If you have any suggestions, improvements, or questions, just let me know. If there is interest in it, I may continue to develop […]

AT&T’s Bad Math Strikes MythBusters’ Savage

Yet again, the telecom providers can’t do simple math. Verizon was often the laughing stock, but now it’s AT&T’s turn. Adam Savage was quoted 0.015 cents per kb (1.5 cents per kb) for a access in Canada, and look at his $11,000 bill for an hour or two of web surfing… Bad Math Strikes MythBusters’ […]

Javier Grillo-Marxuach back at work, starting Day One…

I guess this is just more proof that we shouldn’t hold our breath for The MiddleMan to be brought back anytime soon… Jesse Alexander just twittered the other day: Just hired Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Erik Oleson, and Angela Kang as writers on DAY ONE! More announcements soon! Javi has also confirmed on his Facebook page that […]

Comic Sans is dead, long live Comic Sans!

Vincent Connare designed the ubiquitous, bubbly Comic Sans typeface, but he sympathizes with the world-wide movement to ban it. Mr. Connare has looked on, alternately amused and mortified, as Comic Sans has spread from a software project at Microsoft Corp. 15 years ago to grade-school fliers and holiday newsletters, Disney ads and Beanie Baby tags, […]

Police Department Twitters You Once They Arrest You

Q: “Are You On Twitter?” A: “Not Till the Denton Cops Booked Me for Possession.” Plenty of government agencies are dipping their toes into the Twitter waters these days, but when we found the Denton Police Department’s Twitter page this afternoon, we knew we’d found something truly special. With automated posts for everyone booked at the […]