Internet Explorer is Slow? Speed it up…

Ever wonder why your internet connection seems slow…  Part of it maybe the web browser your using…Internet Explorer, especially the earlier versions of it (6,  and 7), can be rather foolish with it’s default settings…. How To Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies Internet Explorer caches web pages you visit and cookies coming from those […]

Lose/Lose? Is that a game we want to play?

Some people just need to realize when something is a bad idea…  Evidently Zach Gage has made a game that as you kill invaders, your files get randomly deleted.  Nice, yes? Well, Intego detects it as OSX/LoserGame, and VirusBarrier X5 also detects it…  But does Sophos?  Not yet…  And this application has been out for […]

VMWare v2.05 & Snow Leopard

I have scientifically studied this yet…  After all, I haven’t even installed Bootcamp v3 drivers yet…  But it appears that VMWare boots my bootcamp partition significantly faster under Snow Leopard, then under Leopard…  We’re talking a 2-4 times speed up… It would normally take 3-7 minutes for VMWare to boot my bootcamp partition and return […]

Snow Leopard to have antivirus protection built-in?

A rumor is spreading quite rapidly that Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6, will have a built-in level of antivirus protection…. As shown here: But will it? I think at this point, I can safely say that I have not yet seen any sign of this protection in the Beta’s that I have used…. But […]

Has your Windows XP or Vista system slowed down?

XP and Vista have the ‘feature’ of automated background defragmenting enabled by default, you might wish to disable this. How do I disable the Windows built-in defragger?  Download the free * Tweak UI utility from Micorosft. Click on ‘General’ and untick the ‘Optimise hard disk when idle’ box. Windows Vista: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories […]

Klingon Anti-Virus

I don’t know what Sophos is smoking, but they have just released a KLINGON language version of the Sophos Antivirus suite. Klingon Anti-Virus

Five Tips for Reading Apple Security Articles

Tidbits has an article on Five Tips for Reading Apple Security Articles. My own view is that almost every situation we have heard about, what has infected the macintosh has been a trojan. Not a computer virus… But the Tidbits article does point out items which you should be aware of when reading Computer Security […]

Blog of helios: The new faces of Linux – Who Do I Yell At?

People don’t seem to understand, but computers aren’t just a toaster. Windows systems are so complex, because of Microsoft’s design, and desire to be the end-all provider for everything… Sometimes you have to take a step back, and have someone show you that you can do it differently. Here’s a good example: Blog of helios: […]