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Torchwood Season 3 Afterthoughts

Well, for those that saw all 5 episodes of Torchwood Season 3, it is now a confusing time…  How the heck will they be able to put the pieces together for Season 4….   Assuming that there is a season 4, that is…

After the first season of Torchwood, we knew that the Torchwood staff could recruit new people to replace the losses from Season 1.  Season two’s ending had more of the same, it would still be possible to recruit new staff and so forth.

The Torchwood crew now have lost so much, I just don’t see how they could recover.  To my knowledge series/season four has not yet been officially announced by the BBC…  So that maybe the issue, RTD may want to take the series in a different direction.  But I have to admit, series/season 4 has exceeded the previous seasons for quality and really impressed me.  But at the same time, I am 95+% sure that my wife won’t like it, due to tying Captain Jack to the 1965 incident, has just made him a non-sympathetic character to her… Especially with what happens to Steven…..

This is the Torchwood that I was looking for in the earlier seasons….  Here’s a tip of the glass to RTD & Staff…  It was dark, gritty, and so much more than a “sexified” Doctor Who, mets the X-Files.

Now we wait, and see if Series/Season 4 is announced, and if so how RTD put all the pieces back together…