13 Things that Saved Apollo 13

The Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon and back is probably the most hazardous trip ever…  Through a sheer boat load of technical excellence, and kitbashing, as well as sheer timing and luck, everyone survived…  But here’s a article that discusses the 13 things that contributed to that successful voyage home.

On the night of April 13th, 1970, when the oxygen tank in Apollo 13's command module exploded, a 27-year-old engineer named Jerry Woodfill sat at his console in the Mission Evaluation Room at Johnson Space Center, monitoring the caution and warning system he helped create for the Apollo spacecraft.

“It was 9:08 pm, and I looked at the console because it flickered a few times and then I saw a master alarm come on,” Woodfill said, talking from his office at JSC where he has worked for almost 45 years. “Initially I thought something was wrong with the alarm system or the instrumentation, but then I heard Jack Swigert in my headset: “Houston, we've had a problem,” and then a few moments later, Jim Lovell said the same thing.”

via 13 Things that Saved Apollo 13 | Universe Today.