Spoilers for Vampires of Venice

There’s a massive feature in the Telegraph that gives away tons of details for “The Vampires Of Venice.” I didn’t realize the show filmed both Venice circa 1580 and 19th century France in the Croatian town of Trogir — which was under Venetian control from 1420 to 1797 and looks, in parts, more like 16th. century Venice than Venice does nowadays. Also, there’s no love triangle with the Doctor, Amy and Rory — she just felt like kissing him at the end of “Flesh And Stone.”

The Doctor’s attempting to play Cupid by taking Amy and Rory to Venice, but he falls afoul of Rosanna Cavilieri, who appears to be the prim headmistress of a school for girls, but then she bares her enormous fangs and you start to think she might be a vampire. But it turns out these aren’t vampires — they’re “these strange things that turn into fish,” says Karen Gillan. And Rosanna morphs into a really great CG baddie, sort of like a praying mantis, which attacks Rory and Amy in an alley. [Telegraph]