Changing the Default On level for Insteon devices

Certain Insteon lamp modules, allow you to set the Default “On” level.  This way, when you turn on the device, it turns on to the brightness (eg 50%) that you have set.

The most obvious benefit, is that you could set a task at 10 pm, to set the Bathroom & bedroom lights to turn on to 25%, so that you are not blinded when you turn on the lamp, at night.

So, how can you do this.

One method, is to set the lamp’s brightness to the level you want, and then open the AppleScript editor, and type:


send insteon raw cmd1 37 cmd2 1 to address "ADDRESS"

Where address is the insteon address of the device in question.

But this requires the device to be turned on… Sadly, at this time, some devices do require that the unit is turned on, when you set the default On brightness.

You could try:

send insteon remote poke to address "01.02.03" at memory location 50 byte (255 * BRIGHTNESS / 100)

Where “01.02.03” is the insteon address of the device.

But this command does not work on all devices, and it could confuse the module bad enough, to force you to factory reset it.
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