QuickLookSatellite MAC OS, High CPU Use

QuickLookSatellite MAC OS, High CPU Use.  Restarting does not even fix this problem. Troubleshooting steps: See if there are any relevant log messages in Console.app or /var/log/system.log. Use qlmanage -r to reset Quick Look client’s generator cache. Run sudo opensnoop -n QuickLookSatellite-general to see if the process hangs after accessing some specific files. Or select […]

What is Windows RT? It’s not Windows!

This quote from Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, pretty much needs to be stressed. Windows RT will not run any desktop applications beyond the applications that are bundled with the operating system. This means it will not run Windows Essentials 2012, Microsoft Outlook (any version), Microsoft Office (any version, beyond what’s included with RT), Adobe […]

Invalid Context? Let me explain, it’s Safari’s Fault!

Well, have you seen this error message in your console log? 10/3/12 11:52:09.869 AM Safari[71558]: CGContextClipToRect: invalid context 0x0 Symptoms can include Safari running slow, showing the spinning beachball of doom for a while, and in some cases Safari just plain crashing… Well, my investigation points to it being caused by an out of date […]

iPhone, and iPad Benchmarks…

These benchmarks from LinPack, iBench, GeekBench, PerfScore, and the SunSpider Javascript Test. Geek Bench GeekBench is available from the App store… Higher is better!   LinPack LinPack is available from the App Store. Higher is better!   iBench iBench is available from the App store. Higher is better!   SunSpider Javascript Benchmark SunSpider is from the Webkit website, […]

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta: Cloud computing is great…but what if it rains?

The Horror!! Indian government official Vishwa Bandhu Gupta deserves a Master Class Troll Lifetime Achievement Award for his performance in this five minute video and complete bamboozling of a poor reporter. Before we ridicule the reporter for buying Gupta’s spiel, keep in mind that 51% of Americans think cloud computing actually has something to do […]

kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero? What’s that?

Have you noticed this error in your console.log? kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero There are several possible reasons for this: It maybe a bug in the Hardware Acceleration that Adobe Flash is using (Disabling Hardware Acceleration, appears to stop the issue) Caused by an Apple supplied framework that Adobe uses in Flash This is […]

HandBrakev v0.97 released!

The handbrake team have  decided to release an update for 0.9.6 that fixes a couple of common issues and adds a new preset for the AppleTV 3 and tweaks the existing iPad preset to support up to 720P. Check it out at Handbrake’s Web site… For those that are not familiar with Handbrake… It is […]