Finder reporting -10004? What’s that?

Snow Leopard introduced significant changes in user permissions. That error is:

-10004 A privilege violation occurred.

Now in layman’s terms, what does that mean?

It simply means that whatever user is attempting to write to the directory doesn’t have permission to do so.  In otherwords, let’s say that the computer has two users:

  • Parents Account
  • Kids Account

And the Parent’s install “Wonderful Kids Game ABCDEF”.  When the kids login, and attempt to run “Wonderful Kids Game ABCDEF”, and it works for a few minutes, but then dies with a -10004 error…

Why?  The game was designed to save to a folder that the kids can’t write to.  That could be the Game’s folder in the Applications folder, or a different folder, but the Kids account doesn’t have access privileges to write to that folder.

Now often, this doesn’t happen, but this scenario is what the -10004 error is designed to report.

It likely means that you’re trying to write to a directory that isn’t writable (after your upgrade) from the IndigoServer process. You’re going to have to look carefully through any directories you write to and make sure that they are writable by the same user that launches the IndigoServer process.

via Google Reader (246).