Google sues feds over Microsoft-centric bidding requirement

So the government, is asking for bids, from multiple vendors for a product that can only be created by one vendor.  So if anyone else wants to win the bid, they have to purchase services / product from Microsoft.  Yes indeed.  This is your money at work, within the government.  Especially since there are tons of alternatives out there, from Google Apps / Docs, to Zimbra…

In its Request for Quotes RFQ, a document asking companies to design a solution and quote the department a price, the DOI restricted the candidates to using the Microsoft suite only. The problem is that such a restriction is akin to putting money directly in Microsofts pocket, as the contract cant be completed without Microsoft taking part at some point.

According to the lawsuit Google filed, the DOI tried to justify the requirement by saying its suite offered consolidated e-mail and “enhanced security.” The 37-page filing details several volleys between Google and the DOI, wherein Google points out that Microsoft products still have downtime issues and makes a case for its own Google Apps as a suitable alternative.

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