Images for 7/15/2012

Well, occasionally I post images that I have found on the I think others will enjoy… Here’s today’s batch! This is the floor of a Paris game store. It’s flat, it’s just simply an optical illusion… But I can see it as a tripping hazard.. I’m The Doctor, and this is my favorite Omni-Tool on […]

Jeff Lee’s POV-Ray Gallery

Check out Jeff Lee’s POV Ray Trace Gallery for some nice wall paper, and other 3d rendered images… Here’s some samples… (See the Rest of the Story at Jeff Lee’s POV-Ray Gallery.)

Volcanoes & Lightning….

Volcanoes and lightning…. They just work together… Evidently, Volcanic eruptions can cause Lightning storms that originate in the volcanic ash. Presumably the static build up in the ash, is so intense that spontaneous lightning discharges can/will occur? (Real scientific data is here. The Scientific details are below the pictures…) But I wanted to share some […]

LampLinc Dimmer Dual Band (2457D2) Review

Folks, Have you actually seen the LampLinc Dual Band Dimmer (2457D2) yet? If not, take a look at it… As with the rest of the Dual Band products, its fast, it’s compact, but more importantly, the SmartHome web site’s images make it look huge! And you know what, it’s not their fault. It’s significantly smaller […]

Indigo v4.16 has been released.

Indigo 4.1.6 is now available for download from Perceptive Automation. Here is the summary from the Version Change documentation…I have included the 4.16 – 4.14 changes… 4.1.6 Changes Added support for new SwitchLinc Relay firmware version. Modified support for ToggleLinc firmware version 35 and higher to enable remote default brightness and ramp rate UI. 4.1.5 Changes […]