Volcanoes & Lightning….

Volcanoes and lightning…. They just work together…

Evidently, Volcanic eruptions can cause Lightning storms that originate in the volcanic ash. Presumably the static build up in the ash, is so intense that spontaneous lightning discharges can/will occur?

(Real scientific data is here. The Scientific details are below the pictures…)

But I wanted to share some of the photos from ScienceBlogs…
02DD17C1-92EA-442F-89F1-E206CFF0203F.jpg (Image credit for both images above: Marco Fulle, via helicopter.)

6B2D52DD-3D49-43D7-9CCB-99ABEA7A751E.jpg(Image courtesy of National Geographic.)

17082156-3F84-4891-92FA-F3C7D46D29A3.jpg(Image credit: Sakurajima Volcananological Observatory.)