Touch Screens, how do they work?

One of the big questions I have to deal with after showing someone an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is how does this touch screen work.  Yes, they are use to their microwave ovens, and the basic touch screens, but I watch people push down on the screen as if they were trying to break […]

Welcome iOS 4.02 & 3.22

Apple has today released an update for iOS 4 and iPad software. The update fixes a PDF exploit that came to light last week after it was used to aid in the Jailbreaking of iPhones. Fears were raised early last week that the exploit could be used for malicious purposes. The update which brings iOS […]

iPad’s in Space?

The Register has pointed out that an Swiss Television show named “Einstein” wanted to see if an iPad would be able to correctly handle it’s screen rotation in “Zero G”.  So they hired an “Vomit Comet” flight to prove how well it works… Well, it’s safe to say that an Accelerometer needs to have gravity […]

Indigo 4.1.8 Released

Indigo 4.1.8 Released: “4.1.8 is now available for download. In addition to the major 4.0 improvements and 4.1 features, this update includes: Added support for INSTEON 30A Load Controller. Improved size / scaling of Web pages when viewed from Safari on iPad. Minor modificactions for unreleased INSTEON modules. (See the Rest of the Story at […]

Hot Stuff – Adobe Part ???

I’ve lost track of what “round” this is…  But Daring Fireball pointed this out… Hot Stuff Ross Miller for Engadget on the Flash-enabled Android 2.2 browser: Battery and heat are also of concern: the pre-release beta we have, according to Adobe, lacks hardware acceleration. Ergo, our beloved handset got piping hot after about 30 minutes […]